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iPod Condition Scale

Flawless: Functionally perfect. Product appears and functions like new. It is very hard to tell that it has been opened or used.

Good: Product is fully functional.

  • All controls, functions, and modes work perfectly.
  • Any screens are free of cracks or chips.
  • Charging port and headphone jack work flawlessly.
  • Holds full charge.
  • Cosmetics can be anywhere from Fair to Excellent.

Damaged: Product may have one or more of the following functional issues:

  • Cracked or chipped screen.
  • One or more broken buttons or knobs.
  • Faulty charging port or headphone jack.
  • Won't hold charge.
  • Will not power on.
  • One or more functions or modes not working properly, etc.

We cannot purchase water damaged items.
Apmp3pl ipodc7th160 medium
Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation 160GB MP3 Player
iPod Instructions
  • Please remove any media and perform factory reset.
  • Please fully charge battery.
  • Include as many original accessories as possible, e.g. manuals and boxes.