Choose Product Condition
Drone Condition Scale

Flawless: Functionally perfect. Product appears and functions like new. It is very hard to tell that it has been opened or used.

Good: Product is fully functional.

  • All controls, functions and modes work perfectly.
  • Takes, off, lands and flies as designed, GPS and crash avoidance systems (if present) working well.
  • No cracks in body or any parts.
  • Gimbal assembly (if present) intact and fully functional.
  • Camera (if present) functions in all modes, takes video and still pictures and writes them to memory cards.
  • Cosmetics can be anywhere from Fair to Excellent.

Damaged: Product may have one or more of the following functional issues:

  • One or more controls, functions or modes not working well.
  • Take off, landing and/or flying not working as designed.
  • GPS and/or crash avoidance system not working well.
  • Cracks present in body and/or any parts.
  • Gimbal assembly broken or not fully functional.
  • Camera (if present) not working right in all modes.
  • Camera not taking video and/or still pictures or not writing them to memory cards, etc.

Yundrone b015y59t8e medium
Yuneec Typhoon G Drone
Drone Instructions
  • Fully charge batteries.
  • Please remove batteries and wrap separately.
  • Please install your original gimbal/camera mount guard.
  • Please remove propellers/blades prior to shipping and wrap separately.
  • Make sure your controller is included.
  • Include as many original accessories as possible, e.g. cases, manuals and boxes.